” Apple ” Benefits and Role in Diseases Control

The Most favorite, Popolur and Loving Fruit In the world is Apple. The scientific name of apple fruit is Malus Domestica. Apple can be consumed with or without Peel.Apple has high fiber content and low calories which make apple a weight loose friend food. There are almost 7500 varieties of apple are cultivated worldwide. Appletree takes 4 to 5 years to porduce 1st fruit. Apples are also said to symbolize health, love, and fertility. Apples are cultivated worldwide and contain calories 52, water 86%, sugar 10.4g, fiber 2.4g, Fats 0.2g, Protein 0.3g and 13.8g of carbs. Apple contains vitamins and Minerals especially Vitamin C and Potassium which is important for heart health. By eating apple daily play an important role in cleaning your blood in the body. Apple consumption also plays an important role in skin color improvement. Daily apple consumption gives reddish color to your face. Apple contains pectin (a type of fiber) act like a probiotic that helps to improve the functioning of bacteria which lives in our large intestine thus apple stimulates metabolism within the digestive tract and promotes good bacteria in Gut.

There are many incredible benefits of Apple-related to Health and diseases controls as following:-

1-Balance Blood sugar level.

2-Stimulate Weight loss.

3-Improve your eyesight.

4-Gives you Energy.

5-Relive Muscles tension.

6-Improve Cardiovascular.

7-Improve Brain Function.

8-Improves fertility in women.

9- Built strong bones.

10-Great for your teeth and gums.

11-Helps to prevent cancer disease.

12-Controls Blood Suger Level.

13-Facilitate digestion.

14-Useful in treating anemia.

15-Lower cholesterol level in the body.

16-Boost your immune system.

17-Lung, Breast, Colon, Liver cancer prevention.

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