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“Books VS Movies” in the modern era.


Should I really start reading or not?
Is it even worth it to buy a book?

It is a topic that has touched almost everyone at least once in their life. Whether its a new year’s resolution or a way to change their life. People tend to think that reading a book will change their lives in a way that they cannot even imagine, but in reality, they ask themselves that:- do books even serve better purposes than a Movie or a TV Show?
But the elephant of the room is who is winning the “Books VS Movies” war.
The current generation thinks that books are a lost cause and the new technology is better, even the elders agree that people have leaned towards digital entertainment than books or newspapers.
It’s easy to see the news for 5 minutes than reading a newspaper for half an hour But that isn’t what the records show According to various studies, People at the start of this decade read more than the elders than they used to do in the past. ( according to a 2014 study which was posted by “The Atlantic” )

Is this a lazy thing?

Many people tend to like movies and when their friends suggest them the alternate books, they try their best to ignore their suggestion as to them it is a waste of time. If a movie is based on a book then the book no doubt takes the cake. But there are several books which do not have a movie yet and several amazing movies which don’t deserve a Book or a Game to make fame. It’s an apples and oranges comparison for those who enjoy both. Books tend to mess with the reader’s brain in the way the writer wants it to. It’s the words of the writer that do not only represent the story but the writer and his life as well. The ones who read books tend to be wiser because they have to understand what the writer has left for him, unlike a movie where a narrator is going to spoil the fun. Books work better for the hardcore fiction fans, even if its in the form of a short novel or some comics. It’s all about the person and what he prefers.

Why do some people prefer movies?

A movie can provide visual aid and can help lazy minded to see beyond their imagination. Movies can be used to represent a book that consists of 300 pages to be finished in 2hrs. ( By cutting most of the useless stuff, yes.) But it doesn’t feel the same way as a book generally does. It’s like comparing fast food to a three-course meal.
Sure the pizza takes 15 minutes but the wait for a proper meal is always worth it.
The young age prefers movies but when they mature enough, they tend to shift to various authors as they provide the taste and genre that a person needs
” A movie is made to satisfy millions whereas a book is made to satisfy the writer’s own thirst for sharing his specific knowledge”.

Why do people prefer Books?

A person can grow into a retard by reading 60 books in a year and a retard can become an intellectual by reading one book in 60 days. It’s about how you want to live your life.
Books can help in character and personality growth whereas Digital media may have the quality of sound and VFX. But it cannot change the hearts of the people who want to read as reading for them is as close to God and Peace as it can ever be. And it cannot change the minds of the diehard comics fan who just want to be the biggest fan of their favorite heroes. But in the current era, Books and Movies are co-existing with a very different audience.
So are movies really winning the “Books VS Movies” war? well, it is subjective as of right now. But if someone were to ask me, I would always suggest books as they contain the impact and content that can change your life.
A report of comparison of the teens using digital vs print media By APA.

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