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China’s influence around the globe | Power & Politics

China’s influence around the globe | Power & Politics

The last fifteen years have been the story of global China China being visible presence economically diplomatically people to people and in some cases militarily in many many different parts of the world for China to seek markets to seek resources elsewhere is a natural part of being a global power what they’re trying to do is play a little bit differently than the United States it doesn’t do these things through alliances it doesn’t do them through formal military relationships it does through deep economic interconnections.

We have part of it China’s global presence is fascinating because of how fast it’s rising how complex it is Africa is in the country it’s a number of different countries and what China is doing in each of them is a little bit different a sometimes that’s resource expo exploration and capture to bring back to China up but it’s also about infrastructure the belt and road initiative the great Chinese impact and condition of the last five years Africa is part of that process and so from a Chinese perspective Africa is a natural partner it’s different van Southeast Asia yeah it’s different than other parts of the world but it’s one where their economic and now their international influence is being seen and strengthened and am in important ways.

China is building bridges roads rail lines in Latin America it’s also playing a new role in Latin America in the multilateral institutions it’s not just trying is coming in dealing country by country but dealing with Latin America as a region and this I think is in part the reason that the United States, in particular, is a little bit nervous about China’s activities in what the United States considers its own backyard the Chinese view is that it’s an open globe you go where you can where there’s opportunities where you can or you can do business where people can move to move into the Americas is has a little bit of a different geo political feel to it China is not a military player in the Americas as the United States is in China’s backyard in Southeast Asia and East Asia but it is very clear that they see themselves connecting with those countries in ways that are useful to China’s diplomatic agenda at the United Nations and elsewhere and and and and this idea of China being the champion of the developing world it’s a developed and the developing country at the same time and this poses a new kind of challenge to the United States it’s not military but it is this creeping kind of power this creeping kind of influence an image that makes many in Washington nervous.

China is active in scientific research they have indicated that as the water as the ice recedes in the waters are more navigable that they’re very interested in it for commercial purposes, not just research purposes and in that sense, China is becoming a player in our neighborhood.

Their intentions are as always mixed I think the view and an auto is that on balance we can work with China in our arctic area in part because they have supported Canadian positions and our territorial claims based on historic use that are not dissimilar to some that they are using in their territorial waters so our China is here it’s in our cities and it’s also in our northern territories and in an ocean that is we hope won’t be the kind of conflict point that the South China Sea has become over the last twenty years as global warming proceeds as that water where the waterways there become more navigable suddenly there are a whole new routes into eastern North America there’s a whole new possibility for new industries China is looking at Churchill Manitoba in new kinds of ways as a port facility and other things which is part of this huge global ambition of being at the center of many different trading routes commercial routes and ones that may ultimately have military significance but that’s not what China’s play has been at least not as yet.

Space the final frontier again it’s a combination I think of scientific investigation of advancing Chinese technologies showing that it has a capacity developing that capacity to do to be a major player in outer space it has a strategic implications as well China’s ability to not only put satellites into space but to knock satellites out of space is something that is of concern to the United States that wishes to maintain dominance in mid in deep space so we’re into an era where China is is a new player on a huge scale and with the resources and long term planning frame that allows it to do what the United States that had done almost in an unchallenged away for forty years China is in space.

Country that has risen so fast and in so many different kinds of ways like China has in the last fifteen years this creates anxiety it creates uncertainty how is China going to behave is it going to be a new imperial great power is it going to be indeed a kind of a new model of how a major country should deal with others there is uncertainty there’s also because of China’s expanding military capabilities it now has two bases overseas the United States has four hundred thirty bases overseas but China which had not got into that business before now has to overseas bases and maybe we’ll have more so for all of those reasons everywhere in the world there is a combination of uncertainty and sometimes anxiety about what China is doing how you balance that against the opportunities how you try to shape Chinese behavior and whether you can shape Chinese behavior that’s what we’re debating in every capital around the world.

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