Fast Food and Its Risk on Human Health

Fast Food Fact.

Nowadays the most popular Food in the world Known as “Fast Food” that food can be prepared and served quickly as compared to other normal cooking food. You can get fast food from different places like Restaurant, From Hotels or by delivery. This type of food is popular because such type of od food is inexpensive, Good taste and fast and easily available Moreover this type of food can be prepared with cheaper ingredients like refined grain, fats of meat, fruits and vegetables, Egg and much more. Fast food is very poor in terms of Nutrition. Most of the fast-food have unhealthy substance like they are high in sugar, salts and saturated and Tren fats. Fast food is also low in beneficial nutrients. Not all fast food is bad but they fast food items that are high in sugar, salts and saturated and Tren fats are healthful.

Some Fast Food example is..

  • French fries
  • Burger
  • Pizza
  • Fried chicken
  • Soda
  • Cookies, cake, and candy
  • Product made with white floor
  • Snack Food

Impact on Human Health by daily consumption of Fast Food.

  1. Weight Increase and ultimately cause obesity Risk
  2. Cancer Risk will be increased.
  3. The memory function will affect.
  4. The skin will be deteriorated.
  5. More chance of Heat disease.
  6. You will be constipated.
  7. Stomach and kidney Problems.
  8. Your teeth will decay and you will bloat.
  9. Blood sugar problem which may cause diabatic.
  10. You will be mentally affected.
  11. Your cholesterol level may increase.
  12. Your bones will become weaker.
  13. The reproductive system will be affected.
  14. It will also affect the respiratory system,
  15. May cause Headache and depression.

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