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Google Site Kit: The Latest WordPress Plugin 2019

Great news for Wordpress users because we are sharing the awesome news with you. We are 100% sure that after reading this news you definitely get a bit smile on your face. Last night Google announced fabulous news for WordPress users. And the news is Google Site Kit.

Google Site Kit

Google site Kit brought a lot of happiness for you because it contains all statistics from Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Analytics, AdSense, Optimize – assuming and Tag Manager yeh you can use all of these in your WordPress.

The following are some guidelines to install and use the Google Site Kit. 

  • The first step is to open your WordPress.

  • The second step takes your courser on the Plugin menu a pop-up menu will appear or clicks on it.

  • Step three click on the add new button.

  • Step four Write Site Kit by Google in the search bar. And you‘ll get this 

After Installing the plugin so the Google Site Kit settings or Dashboard and activate these things 

  • Search Console 
  • AdSense
  • Analytics
  • PageSpeed Insights

So after activating the above features get an amazing experience of Google Site Kit., I’m enjoying it very much and because it makes me more comfortable and relax. And helped me to boost up my working speed.

I hope you’ll enjoy Google’s latest plugin and by using it makes your website best and aggressive.

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