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Hong Kong’s farming back to life amid COVID-19

With the Coronavirus pandemic triggering a wave of panic buying, Hong Kong residents are turning to local producers for fresh food in a city almost entirely reliant on inputs. This twice-weekly market has doubled its taking since the crisis began. For shoppers like many tank sourcing food locally, not only supports the economy, it gives her peace of mind, because she knows where it’s coming from. Kate has a high latency. The problem is that people don’t know of alternative options. That’s why we brought together many different local producers to show that there are people farming and there’s a possibility to eat local.

For the city’s dwindling number of farmers. The drive to buy local has brought about a sudden boom in business. Tom why the man was born into a farming family 50 years ago. But over time with Hong Kong’s rapid economic growth and urbanization the percentage steadily dropped. And local products were placed with cheap imports from Mainland China.
By in its heyday, there were 700 households. Now there are only around 10 farmers, of course, the production drop drastically. If it doesn’t make money, does it mean no one should do it? I don’t think so. This is already a declining industry. If no one insists on continuing, it will only decline faster.

Researchers believe Hong Kong could bring innovative changes to boost local food production. As a young lady, the agriculture industry can solve many problems that happen in the city, especially when the operation of the city economy is impeded. This becomes an important buffer. People come to realize that when this piece of land isn’t filled with more buildings, it can actually improve the living standards in the city.

To many, this demonstrates that in order to become more resilient to the global crisis, Hong Kong must rethink its supply chain and consider investing more in its domestic. Resources center Cylon Widely Explore.


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