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India’s Poor Face An Exodus on Foot while the Rich Return In Planes

This photo of migrant workers and their families in utter Pradesh has gone viral. People made to squat as they are sprayed with a disinfectant, which later turned out to be bleach. thousands of workers are fleeing the big cities and turning to their villages. The mass migration set to be the biggest since partition began after India imposed a nationwide lockdown. Critics say Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision was not properly planned and did not anticipate the exodus of India’s poor.

Modi is shameless first he announces a relief package as if it is a gift out of his own generosity. Secondly, near Melissa ramen says no one will go hungry in India under lockdown. 200 million people were starving before COVID-19.

Reports of people being beaten as they’re bused to the countryside are widespread. Those who couldn’t get a bus have been forced to travel thousands of kilometres on foot, sometimes with their families and often without any food. There is no transportation, I have no food to eat, and I have nothing. Many are criticizing how the Indian government has treated the poor while flying in more affluent people who were stranded

To all their rich and entitled Indians. Please see and feel the lockdown, the displacement and the economic rod happening on port 90% of people of this country that has been brought up in India those who travel back from infected countries, including religious travel help them.

India has a population of more than 1.3 billion and 60% of them live on less than $3 Do the disparity is so stark that the country’s richest one person owns more than half of India, as well as COVID-19, begins to transmit within the community. There’s a risk that this health crisis will become humanity.

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