Is Cup Of Tea is Good For Human Health

Is Cup Of Tea is Good For Human Health?

Tea is the  Most Popular beverage consumed by the 2/3rd  world’s population. It comes from a type of plant known as Camellia Sinensis. There are many types of tea based on processing and harvesting leave development. These types are Black, Green, and oolong tea. These types of tea differ in how tea is produced and processed according to different types of drying and fermentation that will determine its chemical composition.

  • Black Tea (Fermented)

  • Green Tea (Non-fermented)

  • Oolong (Semi-fermented)

Black tea is a product formed by the Camellia Sinensis Plant while green tea is made from the fresh leaves of the same plant which have some different properties. For improving mental alertness as well as learning, memory and information processing skills black tea is used. It is also used for the condition such as headache, preventing Parkinson’s disease, both high and low blood pressure and many others. Black tea is consumed both as cold and hot. Black tea contains 2-4% Caffeine which directly affects thinking and alertness increase urine output and reduces the symptom of Parkinson Disease. Black tea also contains other substances like antioxidants that help protect the heart and blood vessels. A typical cup of green tea contains 250-350mg of solids.

10 Health Benefit of Black Tea

  1. It will boost your heart health.

  2. It will lower Bad LDL Cholesterol

  3. Have antioxidant properties.

  4. Help to maintain both Low and high blood pressure.

  5. It also improves God’s health.

  6. Reduce the risk of stroke.

  7. Lowe blood sugar level.

  8. May improve your focus.

  9. It helps to reduce the risk of cancer disease.

  10. Easy to make.

Five Side Effect of Tea


To many consumptions of tea may cause dehydration because excess consumption of tea means excessive consumption of caffeine which can reduce the adsorption abilities of tubules that result in dehydrated.


The caffeine present in the tea will cause bloating in some people. It is stated that excess consumption of tea may cause dehydration which calls for unwanted water retention and ultimately you may feel bloated.

3-Can Get You Addicted.

One of the important side effects of consuming an excessive amount of tea that you can easily be addicted to it. The caffeine in the tea makes it addicted. It is stated by the researcher that if Regular tea drinkers did not get their daily cup of tea at the same time, it will leave them weary and irritable and bring down their energy level.

4-Anxiety and Restlessness.

Tea helps in boosting your energy level but an excessive amount of caffeine intake can take a toll on your mental health and hence make you feel more anxious and restless.

5-Vital Nutrient Deficiency.

Taking tea daily in excessive amounts will reduce the absorption of essential nutrients like iron by the body. Some research and studies show that consumption of tea causes essential nutrients adsorption ability by the body.

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