Random facts Part 1

 All facts describe here only for increasing your general knowledge.

The fact no 1:

We can only fold a paper 12 times. Suppose if we fold a paper 42 times it thickens exactly equal to the distance between moon and earth. But we can’t because we only give 12 different types of the fold.

The fact no 2:

After the meeting with any person, the first 4 minutes are very important. Because your sub-cautious mind detects this how important this person is and has any relation in future or not. And we can say that it is the perfect example of “The first impression is the last impression”

The fact no 3:

Why your eyes can’t feel the cold temperature in winter? The fact is behind this our eyes have no temperature receptor therefore we can’t feel any cold temperature in winter.

The fact no 4:

“Stranger things” is a popular show of Netflix but this show is rejected by 15 other networks. At last, Netflix accepts this and results were remarkable.

The fact no 5:

The scientist discovers that our centre of galaxy smells like raspberry. But what is the connection between raspberry and centre of the galaxy? The fact is that the centre of the galaxy contains a chemical called “ethyl formate” which smells like raspberry.

The fact no 6:

The symbol of infinity ∞ shows very large quantity. But what is the name of this symbol? So the answer is lemniscate for example 2/3 the name of “/” is called vinculum.

The fact no 7:

Whan u see yourself in the mirror you might be beautiful but other people can see you 20% more attractive then you see yourself in the mirror.

The fact no 8:

When you tickle yourself you cannot laugh but when any other person tickles you, you laugh because your mind exerts some chemical which informs the mind this tickle may be dangerous. But your own tickle can’t be dangerous for you. How intelligent our brain is!

The fact no 9:

Milk when reached its boiling point it emits on the surface of the pot but water can’t the reason is milk contain fats but water has not fat push a force of the liquid milk when the milk is boiled.

The fact no 10:

Zone of silence is a place in Mexico it is a mystery for the scientists. Because time is stopped when u go there. Compass needles move in all directions. All this zone is placed parallel in between parameters and Bermuda triangle.

The fact no 11:

We humans cant stop or hardly stop our breath for 2 minutes. But crocodiles can stop their breath for 2 hours just to find their food.

The fact no 12:

The jellyfish is not a fish indeed. Because have no brain and the fish must contain backbone but jellyfish has no backbone. Therefore in reality jellyfish is called “invertebrates”.

The fact no 13:

The two numbers “7” and “11” have even in spelling but in reality, both are odd. S(even) and El(even).

The fact no 14:

Our moon is just a stone but the moon of Jupiter which is called Europa has liquid water and contain 2X water than our planet.

The fact no 15:

Nuclear plant where very dangerous for us but it is also useful due to these plants we saved over 3 lakh peoples around the world because the pollution and diseases spread from coal vanishes of pollution of nuclear plants.

The fact no 16:

Do you know how lucky you are? You are the winner of 50 lakhs sperms! Yes, you are the lucky sperm which be a baby. Any sperm might be a win but you are now a human, therefore, you win the race.

The fact no 17:

Holy See is a country in our world where only 799 people live.

The fact no 18:

The average weight of the plane is about 80000 kg. But the world heaviest plane is called AN-225-MARIYANA’s weight is 2,85,000 kg.

The fact no 19:

A tortoise is named Jonathan the tortoise he born in 1832 and still alive. This means to age in 187 years.

The fact no 20:

The first message send one computer to other is “LO” actually the message is LOGIN but after they send of LO, the computer crashed. These are the random facts Part 2 will be published soon 

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