Smartphone and Human Health

Smartphone and Human Health.

A smartphone is a communication device also known as a Cell phone or Mobile phone. The 1st mobile phone was invented by a company named “Motorola” on 3 April 1973 by Martin Cooper” having a weight of 2kg. At that time the Mobile phone was introduced just for voice communication but nowadays a smartphone is being used for various purposes. Technology development in the field of communication makes cell phones More reliable, fast and easy to use and handle. Today’s mobile phone is longe range, a portable electronic device range from different sizes in inches. Today Touch screen and Button Both types of Mobile are available  As well as tablets. There are many companies that are producing mobile of different OS versions like Android and iPhone are popular. The Android smartphone developing companies are Samsung, Nokia, Q Mobile, HTC, Hawaii, Motorola, and Oppo.iPhone developing company name is “Apple” You can take your smartphone with you anywhere by putting into your pocket, Purse. Today Mobile phone is Advance having the following feature :

  • Microphone, Camera, Speaker, wireless, Bluetooth.
  • The long-lasting battery and warp speed Processor.
  • Plenty of Storage with a touch screen.
  • Crystal display
  • Infrared remote control and NFC
  • Advance Sensor like a fingerprint, Heart sensor, Gravity and much more.

A smartphone Impact on Health?

The cellphone is the greatest source of radiation in the world.without radiation cellphone will never work because it will not have any signal so no radiation hence no signal and ultimately cellphone did not work. The researcher said that blue light of short wavelength emitted by electronic devices like cellphone which can affect body metabolism and hence cause obesity and diabetes. By putting the Mobile phone in the upper pocket lead to heart disease and in trouser pocket lead to infertility and so on. Moreover Following are the Health Problem caused by Cellphone.

  • Brain Tumor
  • EyeSight weakness
  •  Cancer
  • Male Infertility
  • Low-grade tumor
  • Sensory
  • Ophthalmic Disease
  • Affect intelligence
  • Allergy
  • Skin Damage

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