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The leading 5 Smartphone Models in 7 Leading Markets for Q3 2019

Today we’ll talk about the top 5 Smartphones for Q32019 in the top 7 markets. As you know today is the age of competition. A race to be number 1 has started among everyone. Every company is trying to present a different from its competitors and want to establish or create its name in the market. Today soon we’ll share a report about”China Smartphone Stats which will clarify that the Apple Declined 14% YoY while in Q3 and 63% Year-on-Year Huawei Delivered 40% Growth. So in this statistical report, we are sharing charts that cover the top 5 leading smartphones in the top seven markets by including these countries China, Japan, France, UK, USA, South Korea, and Germany. And we’ll also discuss how did Apple iPhones do in Q3,? So let’s talk about it.

First, we’ll talk about the U.S. market. In the below chart you can see that Apple iPhones didn’t succeed to sweep the market that’s a surprising thing to see. And the most interesting thing was that the lower end apple iPhones are holding the top three positions by shutting out higher-end Apple iPhones Xs Max and iPhone Xs models.

So on the other end, Samsung models S10 Plus and Galaxy S10 got the position 4 and 5. It seems that the fans of Samsung in the U.S. wants for its higher-end models.

In the U.S. Market

So in the below UK chart, the Apple iPhone XR is at the top position and the iPhone 8 took fifth. The second, third and fourth positions hold by Samsung Models.

Galaxy A50 at the 2nd position, A70 models got 3rd and the ruler of 4th position is Galaxy S105G, and it is the only 5G model that settles in the top 5positions.  So it seems that Apple is losing the market opportunity.

In the UK Market

The below chart about Germany clearly shown us that Samsung got 4 positions out of 5.And Apple iPhone tied with Samsung A70 and Samsung A40 in the third position. 

In the German Market

In the below chart about France you can see that again Samsung took 4 out of 5 positions. That looks pretty awesome. And the Apple iPhone tied in position 4th. It seems that the peoples of France like the new Samsung A- Series.

In France Market

In the bellow chart about Japan, It is great news for Apple fans that the Apple iPhone sweep the market by taking all five top positions in Japan. The Apple iPhone XR got the 4th position and the Apple 6s took the fifth one.

In Japan Market:

So in China and South Korean chart it clear that Samsung kicked off the Apple iPhones from the top 5 positions in the market. That sounds not good for Apple lovers.By whopping 26%, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G holds the fist position.To challenge the Samsung 5G  So the Korean Apple losing the opportunities. In 2020 Q4 will definitely change.

In Chines Market:

In Korean Market:

I know it is very interesting to know that Apple iPhone XR only gets one top position out of sweven markets. 

What do you think that the new Apple iPhone 11 model will take charge of China and Korea and get the top position in these markets? I always say that time will tell us all the things.

Samsung waited so long to hold the market by its new A-Series but now have now been kicked out from china. So if Apple wants to regain its lost market share it just needs to lunch a single entry. 

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