The universe

Our universe is very vast. Innumerable stars are present in the space. It is very hard to count how many human beings, plants , animals and other species are in the world.
In an estimate scientists could harldy saw only 3%
Of the universe.
First we start with human being, huming bird and all others living specie. If we go in further in small universe we can see chicken’s egg , matchstick ,microwavelength, pencillead which have diffrent lenths for example 0.9,0.5.
We can also see grain of rice and sunflower seed.
“Now we are in the catagery of millimeters”.
In this scale we can see LED pixel , ameba thickness of a paper and thickness of a human hair. Ina biological view the human egg also in millimeter scale.These objects we can see with the naked eye.
Further we see with the help of microscopes.
Tiny objects are clay particles , X choromosomes , Y choromosomes , Redlight wavelength. All these things can see with the help of opticle microscope this microscope can’t see further.
“Now we are in the category of 0.000001m”
In this category we see DNA and ultraviolent wavelengths , the molecule of water , Alpha helix , cesium atom. These all things can be saw with the help of ELECTRON MICROSCOPE
this microscope can’t see further.
“Now we are in the category of 0.000000001m
In this range we can see a carbon atom and Angestrom.
“Now we are in the category of 0.000000000001m
In this range we can assume the sub-atomic particles. And we all know there are three main sub atomic particles.(Electron Proton Nutron )
*Further the lengths which is describe are not confirmed*
“Now we are in the category of 0.000000000000000001m”.
In this range we can assume the QUARKS
Up quark, down quark , charm quark , bottom quark , high energy nutrino.
“Now we are in the category of 0.000000000000000000000001m”.
This is the smallest things in the universe which are PLANKS LENGTH AND QUANTUM FOAM. The basics of quantum physics.
This is the small level in which the scientsts could go.

So we back on aur human scale where we started.
We can further go to the biggest scale. If u saw around this world the ELEPHANTS, GIRRAFE , APOLLO LUNNAR MODULO these are big from a human being. Further we see statue of libirty , boing747, Redwood tree , foot field , seturn V , and eifel tower. These objects are in the category of 1000m.
Other big objects are nutron star, Rhode island, and marathne.
Italy, California, these are in the category of 1000000m
Now we are in the category of stars.
Like Genema, europa Io , Eris and moon which is not a star. We can see TRes-4, saturn, wolf359.
These stars are in the category of 1000000000m.
Further big stars are sun , Altar, sirues-A, arcutures, polaras, Gacuras. These stars are big approx 10000000000000m. Woh-G-64, Naptune of sun and V-V capahi -A are big then our thinking.
Now we are in the category of NABULA.
Like Halix nabula , eagle nabula , great nabula, small megllanic cloud . A collection of nabula is called a galaxy. Now i am describing tge galaxies, like somburiro , trangulam , milky way , andromeda, pinwheel galaxy, tadpool , whirlpool N-G-S galaxies. These galaxies in the scale of 1000000000000000000000m.
A collection of galaxies are called a CLUSTER.
Our universe has many clusters like Abell2029,
IC1101, Virgo clister , fornag cluster. Now we are in the scale of (yottametere)1000000000000000000000000m. The largest measurement unit is “GEGAPERASIC”.
And this is the all observable universe. At the end of largest scale science dont know and at the end of smallest scale science dont know.
This is our observable 3% universe.

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