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Soleimani killing has made Canadians ‘vulnerable’ to attacks from Iran: Fisher

The US and Iran have been locked in a shadow proxy war for years but now there are worries this latest action could lead to direct conflict on Thursday top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani was killed by the U. S. in a targeted attack president trump says he ordered the general killed we took action last night to stop a war.

I guess the first word that came to mind was finally this fellow has been out there murdering people all over the place for Mandy in wars

Planning terrorist attacks for years in many countries he operated with impunity because he had

Protection as an official of the Iranian government a lot of American presidents have talked about going at a rand’s leadership including verticle bomb out of most recently but read back to the time of Jimmy Carter and of course, Donald Trump has said as much but with president trump, we know a lot of it is bluster huffing and puffing well finally he came through and did something and of course it’s upset and scared an awful lot of people because Iran we’ll take revenge there can be no doubt about that.

A lot of people anxious wondering what is going to happen next?

Well and I can crystal ball it forever like everybody else and it’s hard that they have so many different options they can attack shipping in the Persian Gulf the Iranians.

They can try to destroy the Saudi oil refineries they’ve had some success doing that before they can have their allies close allies in Lebanon Hezbollah a launch another a barrage of rockets on Israel.

They can get Syria’s al aside but sure I’ll aside to do more there to kill and cause trouble In Iraq itself, of course, it’s easy to stir up the Shia militias and the Shias are a very large minority.

 He either.

A rack and have a lot of money.

And then

Beyond all of that, they can conduct global terrorism and they’ve done this before with murders as far away as Argentina.


Germany Europe is vulnerable if it is open borders so that it doesn’t have the security apparatus or the oceans protecting it that we do in Canada and the United States so.

If. There’s a buffet table of ways they can get back as they could go after the US navy it’s dangerous to go toe to toe with the Americans militarily but they do have some very good Russian anti-ship missiles that they can hit takers war warships Canada does not have a worship there in the Middle East now low it often does and they could go after them with these missiles lots of options

I think it’s clear that it is a more dangerous place for Canadians now those few hundred Canadians who are training in Iraq that mission, by the way, is been suspended temporarily by NATO probably a prudent measure well they get.

The lay of the land the new lay of the land it’s commanded by a Canadian my understanding is the Canadian troops will stay put for now on their bases but they live and work on pretty secure bases anyway.

Other than it

 Is some special forces soldiers we don’t really know what they do there are not many of them but they’re operating outside the wire if you like but if anybody can take care of themselves militarily it will be those troops those are the very very very best that Canada has but other Canadians are vulnerable oil workers there quite a few Canadian oil workers.

 In Iraq, for example, they’re Canadian oil companies there.

 They don’t have the.

 Security apparatus protecting them that soldiers do there a soft target tourists quite a few Canadians go to buy a holiday you eat has very bad relations with Iran they might be vulnerable and frankly anywhere in the world Canadians go.


They’re at risk perhaps of terrorist attacks I’m not sure we’re going to see something terrible in the next few days hello there may be one or two demonstrations.

 Of what Iran.

Thinks it can do what it wants to show the world that can do I think this is going to play out over a long time but a shoe has finally dropped the world’s number one terrorist he made the.

 Osama bin laden look like small potatoes frankly.

 The world’s top terrorist is dead.


 There will be implications for a lot of people.

 Iran is a regime that goes out all the time.

 And takes revenge for all kinds.

Of things, this is the ultimate the second most important figure in the country and a man whose hugely paw popular a man who operated in them with impunity all over the place and suddenly he is dead and the shocks the aftershocks the blowback. It is going to be felt for quite a while I think all right leave it there.

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